About Courses

The Ryukyu Kobujutsu Association offers and provides one and two day training courses in both Ryukyu Kobujutsu and Yui Shin Kai Karate – with events being held throughout the UK every month with additional courses throughout Europe and world wide.

From beginners to senior students these courses offer a structure in weapon evolution and grading, providing the link for all serious practitioners between open hands and weapons. Most courses are open to all serious martial artists whether newcomers to weapons or experienced students wishing to develop their skills.
For the serious martial artist the RKAGB provides:

Development of Skills & Abilities

For students to progress it is imperative that they have as much exposure as possible to different practitioners. The courses held by the RKAGB allow students to train with different individuals, widening their skills and experience so that they can develop an understanding of their level and ability. This is paramount to understanding the true meaning of Kumite and the way of Bujutsu. It is also of the utmost importance for serious students to learn where they are in their journey in their training.

Grading & Certification

The courses always allow for the availability of gradings providing students have completed the required time between each examination. Diplomas are issued in Japanese and Kisho Inoue Hanshi issues all Black Belt certificates from the Honbu Dojo in Japan.

Senior Instructor Courses

Senior practitioners are invited to attend the Instructors courses, which are run three times a year to ensure the level is maintained and improved and teaching techniques are reviewed. From 2008 there will be separate instructors courses for Nidans and Sandans only. This insures a high level of both technique and understanding which is passed onto the students and forms part of the teacher training requirements. Senior instructor courses are held in Japan every 3 years.

Individual Membership

The Association also offers individual membership, entitling students to discounted course rates. To find out more, please see Booking Information

See Course Dates for details of the Ryukyu Kobujutsu and Karate courses.