The History of Ryukyu Kobujutsu

Ryukyu Kobujutsu originated in the Ryukyu Islands of Okinawa and has a fascinating history spanning hundreds of years. Numerous masters have continued the teachings, ensuring that this classical martial art has survived as an authentic fighting system.

Here you can read about the history of Ryukyu Kobujutsu and in particular the life of the Late Grandmaster Sensei Motokatsu Inoue. Trained by the great masters Fujita, Konishi and Taira, Inoue Sensei was founder of the Honbu Dojo and prior to his death was the world’s leading exponent of Ryukyu Kobjutsu.

Inoue Sensei was teacher to Sensei Julian Mead and his teachings are continued today by the RKAGB and the other affiliated dojos around the world.