Part 3: The RKAGB

Sensei Julian Mead Part 3: The RKAGB

In 1986 it was felt by Sensei Inoue that Sensei Mead needed to understand in his own way what he had been taught and it was implied that maybe he should leave Japan to take on his next step in development. This was initially taken as a feeling of rejection with the usual questions of what did I do wrong?

However as Sensei Inoue had had the guiding hand of Sensei Seiko Fujita (Koga Ninja Ryu) and been instructed in his development, Sensei Mead left Japan and returned to the United Kingdom to teach. It became very clear that as the bird must fly the nest one-day, leaving was an important part of Sensei Mead’s development, evaluating and building on all that he had learnt. Growth is very important and one should look for expansion rather than containment.

On his return to England, Sensei Mead re-established the Yui Shin Kai Karate Club. The club was made particularly strong by a number of students from John Sullivan’s original club, which had closed a few years before.

Many of the students returned to training with Sensei Mead and the club grew rapidly attracting students of all levels. Within a year the club had over 40 active students with a strong senior contingent to provide constant tuition in Kata and Kumite and in 1988 organised a friendly International event with the Yui Shin Kai Karate clubs in Finland and Sweden.

The Club soon developed to include additional classes in Ryukyu Kobujutsu, and the traditional nature of the style and the quality of the teaching, gained the club considerable recognition. Sensei Mead was invited to teach at various martial arts organisations around the country and it didn’t take long before his reputation found an International audience.

In addition to refereeing at a number of International events he was soon invited to provide RyuKyu Kobujutsu training seminars around Europe, even being asked to provide weapons defense training to police forces at home and abroad.

In 1995 Sensei Mead formed the RyuKyu Kobujutsu Association of Great Britain, formally establishing the Club as the UK branch of the Honbu Dojo in Japan. The Association has grown rapidly with committed students establishing separate practicing branches in Scotland and Ireland and Sensei Mead teaches at these affiliated Clubs on a regular basis. He also teaches as a guest instructor at the established branches in other European Countries.

Sensei Mead’s unique knowledge of Ryu Kobujutsu and expert training skills have made him a sought after teacher. He works tirelessly to promote RyuKyu Kobjutsu, offering classes 5 nights a week whilst also maintaining a busy schedule of weekend courses all over the world.

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