Kobujutsu Today

Ryukyu Kobujutsu Today - Continuing the Tradition

Inoue Sensei’s life in Budo was shaped by the masters of Kobujutsu to provide him with unique knowledge and ability. This enormous knowledge is continued today in Yui Shin Karate and Ryukyu Kobujutsu.

The society preserves and promotes the 42 weapons kata and the way of using the weapons in Kihon Kumite and Kata Bunkai Kumite. The late Motokatsu Inoue Hanshi at the request of Master Taira formulated many of these explanations and usage. Inoue Hanshi’s son, Kaicho Inoue, is now the world Headmaster of Ryukyu Kobujutsu.

These teachings and traditions are continued today by the generations of students who have devoted themselves to the study of Ryukyu Kobujutsu.Affiliated branches of the Honbu dojo exist in South Africa, Canada, Finland, Sweden, Holland, Belgium and the UK.

Sensei Julian Mead formed the Great Britain Branch in 1986 following his return from Japan. The association has grown steadily, offering courses and training seminars to students throughout the UK and there are now practising groups and affiliated dojos in England, Scotland and Ireland. As well as teaching as a guest instructor for established branches in the other European countries, Sensei Mead also oversees the development of new branches in Germany, Russia and Norway.